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HydroWise Thermal Shield Insulation System

Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs are engineered to be the most energy efficient hot tub built in the world. Our unique internal insulating system has the ability to re-utilize the excess heat created by the pump(s) in the hot tub allowing you to enjoy the benefits of hot water and hydrotherapy for just a few cents per day! The California Energy Commission (CEC) now recognizes Hydropool Hot Tubs as an Energy Efficient Appliance.

Comfort & Design

Each and every Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub mold is carefully thought out to provide the ultimate in comfort, safety, versatility and is handcrafted by our in-house design team. The Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub is the only manufacturer that includes the exclusive level ledge and spill lip for the ultimate performance and convenience.

Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Brochure


Hydropools 2-3 person self cleaning hot tub designed for small spaces


A 4 -5 person Self Cleaning hot tub that is perfect for a 4 person family.


With a large footwell this hot tub can easliy sit 5- 6 people.


The perfect 5 person hot tub with a comfortable lounger and great leg massage.


Hydropools double lounger hot tub can seat 7 people with ease


A 6-7 person hot tub with a large footwell under 8 feet in dimension.


A large hot tub with one lounger, great space and comfortability.


The largest footwell in the Hydropool line up, this 8 foot hot tub is great for entertaining.


One of the industries largest hot tubs the 1038 can easliy fit 8 - 10 people.

Serenity Hot Tubs

Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub Brochure


A comfortable 3-4 person hot tub designed to meet a tight budget


4-5 person hot tub with a lounger


Great Value, this 5-6 person hot tub was desinged with comfort in mind


A 7 person hot tub with lots of variety for seating


Large 8 person hot tub ready for entertainment!

Other Spa Models


195 Only Available in Europe

A 3-4 person hot tub with a lounger for those who have a tight budget.

Serenity 5 Special Edition

Arcylic 110V 5 person hot tub. Great entry level hot tubs.

Serenity 4 Special Edition Only Available in NA

Great Hot Tub for the cottage!

Hot Tubs from Hydropool - Enjoy the Healing Properties of Water

Hydrotherapy is a natural way to alleviate stress and relax tense and tired muscles. With Hydropool hot tubs, you not only get the benefits of hydrotherapy. You also get the highest quality hot tub – one designed with your absolute comfort in mind.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Since we first began manufacturing hot tubs in 1980, we have sought to be the best in the industry. We know that the best way to achieve our goal is to use innovative design to respond to customer needs.

Our hot tubs maximize comfort and give you the versatility to customize your hydrotherapy experience:

  • Our Self Cleaning hot tubs include our X-treme therapy seats. Adjust the jets to enjoy the best in full-body massage. Many models include overhanging shoulder jets that provide a powerful massage for the upper body, while foot and calf jets target the lower part of the body.
  • Our Serenity hot tubs include a variety of seat types that are sure to exceed your expectations for comfort. Deep bucket seats, higher cool down seats, and loungers that conform to your body ensure the ultimate in relaxation. Large foot wells give ample room to stretch out and enjoy.
  • Versa massage jets are the key to customizing your massage. You can choose from a gentle flow to help you relax, or a strong pulse to help relieve aches and pains.
  • Ergonomic features include soft pillows to support your head and neck, and wide lumbar support seats to conform to your body.

A Hot Tub That Fits Your Needs

Whether you have an expansive backyard or only a small corner to spare, we have the right model for you:

  • Our Self Cleaning hot tubs come in a wide range of sizes, beginning with the 300 which is designed for 3 to 4 people and a small space. Our angled 595 fits corner installations. From there, models gradually increase in size to the 1038, which can fit 8 to 10 people.
  • Our Serenity hot tub line ranges from smaller 4-person models to the 8-person 8000 model. And with Hydropool hot tubs, you can rest easy about your carbon footprint. We offer the world’s only carbon neutral hot tub. In fact, our unique Double Thermal Shield Insulation system meets the most stringent energy efficiency standards in the world, as set out by the California Energy Commission.

Find Out Which Hot Tub is Best for You

We are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers. To that end, we offer many ways for you to learn more about our hot tubs. Use our online Hot Tub Selector tool, or contact us for a free brochure or DVD. You can also visit the product pages on this website or visit a retailer near you.